Setup and usage instructions for the FF6WC web based autotracker


The FF6WC Web Tracker is an autotracker in a web page. It uses QUsb2Snes as a bridge to query your emulator or hardware for the game state. It is designed to look similar to the Gated Character variant of the FF6WC EmoTracker pack. It should work for Windows, Mac, and Linux, though the instructions below assume Windows and the snes9x-rr emulator.



  1. Download QUsb2Snes
  2. Run QUsb2Snes
  3. Enable your device in QUsb2Snes
  4. Open a Final Fantasy 6 Worlds Collide ROM on your device
  5. Connect your device to QUsb2Snes
  6. Open the FF6 WC Web Tracker
  7. Click the "Connect Autotracker" to connect the tracker page to your device.
  8. Connect Autotracker
  9. If you see "Starting Autotracking.", then you have successfully connected the autotracker to your device
  10. NOTE:You may get a popup from QUsb2Snes asking to confirm the connection. If you allow the connection and immediately disconnect, reconnect again. The initial connection may have timed out waiting on the dialog.
  11. NOTE:If you click "Connect Autotracker" and nothing happens, make sure your adblocker isn't blocking the the autotracker script.